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Dentures are simply a removable device that contain a replacement tooth, or teeth.  There are two types of dentures; partial and complete.  Partial dentures contain only a single replacement tooth are a few teeth.  Full dentures contain replacement teeth for all teeth.
Simply put, a Denturist is a person who makes dentures. They are involved in every step of the process including the initial consultation, the measuring for and making of the dentures and then the maintenance of the dentures. 
As with anything, the cost of dentures will depend on both your individual needs (partial or full) as well as the quality.  Inexpensive partial dentures can run as low as $300 with premium partial dentures costing upwards of depending on the quality and material.  A set of full dentures can be purchased for low as $2000.  But inexpensive dentures typically do not have much of a warranty and will not last as long as premium dentures which can run as high as $8000 for a full set.
If you need dentures, you should visit a Denturist as they receive highly specialized training in the measurement for, fabrication and maintenance of dentures.  A Denturist will be involved in every phase of the process from measurement and evaluation, to the fabrication of the dentures, to the fit and finally maintenance of the dentures.
Dentures typically last about 5 years.  However, they will need periodic maintenance to ensure they lifespan.  Also, they will need adjusted at least every couple of years to ensure they maintain a proper fit as your mouth, gum tissue and teeth continue to move and change.
If you have dentures, you should visit your denturist annually to ensure proper maintenance and fit.  If you are having discomfort or other issues with your dentures, you should visit as needed. 

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